Friday, November 21, 2008

My Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Homemade truffles
This year, I'm really into gifts that can be eaten and then done with. I mean, who really needs more stuff? This also solves the conundrum of what to get for the guys in my life, because I know they all like truffles.

2. Tote bags
That link is to the book that has the tote patterns I use. These are so handy, and they're endlessly personalize-able.

3. Zipper pouches
This is the best zipper pouch tutorial in existence. The result looks so professional. Add a few gel pens and some candy, and you've got a great Christmas gift.

4. Doll clothes
Okay, that link is a a personal plug for my shop, so if you'd rather not sew doll clothes for all your little cousins, siblings, nieces, etc. you can buy them there :). Or you can make your own, which would be even cooler and more personal.

5. Anything from
There's so many amazing gift possibilities at Etsy. And half of them come in packaging that already looks like gift-wrapping. And you'll be supporting independent artists. What more could you ask? Here's a link to my favorites to get you started.

I'll be posting pics of more of my gift-wrapping ideas soon, and maybe some pictures of the actual gifts (if I can keep my friends/family away) so stay tuned!


Alex! said...

that's awesome! i dont know why anyone would want to be in le claire all the time, though. there's nothing there! hahah

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