Monday, March 2, 2009

vacation adventures pt. 1

It certainly is lovely to no longer feel like an ice cube whenever I go outside! Here's what's been happening these first few days of vacation:

random headscarf, Old Navy sweater, Converse dress, Mossimo purse, Old Navy flip-flops

Yesterday's outfit. It's actually been a little chillier than I expected (mid 60s), hence the sweater.

Lunch at Whole Foods Market, which consisted of Margherita pizza and a delicious fruit tart with lemon cream.

Magenta bougainvillea.

And here's some pictures of the items I sewed for the trip:

A zipper pouch for snacks (to keep in my purse), because I'm not wild about the idea of my ipod getting anywhere near my Fig Newtons.

I made it using this genius tutorial. It's all pretty much notion/fabric odds-and-ends I had sitting around (the pink fabric is actually a leg from a pair of pants I turned into shorts).

The little applique is just a design cut from a scrap of fabric and ironed/stitched in place with the help of Wonder Under and my sewing machine.

Sleep shirt. I couldn't find one that I liked at any stores, so I made one ( loosely adapted from patterns from this book). Again, pretty much all the fabric is second-hand here. The bodice was cut from a men's tee, and the skirt part is actually cut from an old maxi dress, so this came together in about half an hour (measuring the ribbing was the most time-consuming step).

If you get the idea I was whipping these things together the afternoon before we left, you're right :)


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