Thursday, February 26, 2009


First off, something funny. This post is titled 'Vacation', and after I added tags I saved it to my dashboard and saw this:

:) Here's today's outfit.
I tried taking photos outside (it's foggy and rather mystical-looking today) but it was so cold and my skirt kept blowing about.

So I moved inside.

Jones New York turtleneck, Thakoon for Target skirt, random tights, Gianni Bini shoes
Unfortunately, it started raining after I took these pictures, so I had to change to boots before going out. Which is sad, because these are the kind of shoes that make an outfit.

By the way, I'm leaving for a 2 week tropical vacation....

I'm planning on doing a few outfit posts and sharing some pictures from a craft show I'll be doing, but things will be relatively scarce around here until March 15.


Tara Anderson said...

i love the photo you took outside. It's so spur of the moment and cute!

Mark said...

I hope you won't mind me saying this - I genuinely don't want to come cross as creepy - but from a guy perspective I think you are stunningly beautiful, possibly the prettiest woman on the internet :-)

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