Monday, September 22, 2008

My Picks From New York Fashion Week

I was really impressed by this year's New York Fashion Week . I was surprised by how many collections I loved; recent couture fashion has seemed distant and freakish to me, so I love how it's returning to a wearable, cool-girl/guy-on-the-street look.
First of all, a few of my random favorites:

Love the tailored, retro librarian looks here. The colors are finally bold and pure (my favorites), the shilloutettes ladylike and flattering. That red houndstooth fabric is to die for!

This swimsuit is such a great, colorful alternative to a cliched bikini. I love the mod, hippie look at Betesy Johnson this year, and that Caroline Herrera dress is so classy and gorgeous. I'll bet you some celebrity will be wearing it on the the red carpet this year!

I adore that outfit in the middle. The plaid, the graphic tee, the purse--it's great. and these two dresses are the perfect mix of classic and eclectic.
And now, my two favorite collections:

For men, Perry Ellis.
This collection is near perfect. It captures a perfect collision of a American and European look. It manages to be stylish and unique while still masculine. I'd love to have those aviators :)

Michael Kors, for women.
I'm really a mod at heart, so this collection was a dream. I love how it takes the graphic prints and slim cuts of the 1960s and makes them modern and fresh.
I know I say it's for women, but I couldn't resist posting that guy's outfit. Those pants are sweet!


Wendy said...

I haven't gone through all of the collections yet but I think you've listed some of the best.

Margeaux said...

Thank you!

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