Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Clothes At the Shop!

Green Plaid Size Small Reconstructed Skirt
Neo-Eighties Black and Gold Sweater

I finally photograhed the new winter items I've been sewing for the past few weeks! They're all for sale at the shop.
The skirt on top is a reconstruct made from a plaid skirt that was about calf-length. I cut it off to above-knee height and added a green ruffle, fraying the plaid edge for a bohemian touch.
The 2nd skirt is MadeFromScratch; I used a great wide-wale corduroy that I picked up at a second hand shop. To make it, I took the waist facing pattern piece from the skirt pattern, lengthened and reshaped it, and sewed it so that it was on the outside (instead of the inside). Then I added the red buttons to pull it all together.
The last shirt is my favorite. I made it from a black sweatshirt. I cut the sleeves off along the seam (since the sweatshirt was over-sized, it created a dolman sleeve effect). Then I cut a circle from the sleeve with pinking shears, turned so it so the fuzzy side is on top, and attached it like an applique. Then I added 3 vintage buttons on top to create a faux 'brooch'. A few random hand-stitches, and I was done!


Kylie B said...

Oh wow I just love the skirts!

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