Saturday, December 27, 2008

gold yarn

-Handmade scarf
-Necessary Objects dress
-H&M sweater
-Target tights
-Vintage sandals

I've had a marvelous Christmas! How about everyone else?
Plus, last Sunday I bought my first Blythe doll! Pictures coming soon.


Amelia said...

I love the scarf. I'll admit Blythe dolls have always creeped me out, but I'm interested to see what you'll do with it.

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Love your scarf. Blythe dolls?? I am afraid my age is showing:):)

Have a spectacular New Year:)

Leah said...

greeat pics, I don't have a Blythe doll, but can't wait to see yours!

Malene said...

Beautiful outfit.

Vintage Tea said...

Great scarf.


what is your styleosophy said...

great styleosophy!

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