Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Handmade Wrappings

I posted before about gift wrapping, and I've been busy since then getting ready for a full-on post about it. As I said before, I love gifts that are wrapped in creative, personal, non-wasteful ways; I think it's a strange and silly idea to buy a bunch of expensive papers, bows, and boxes, and then stuff them in the trash can when the party (or holiday) is over.

All the wrapping suggestions here use recycled or unconvential materials, and they're all very easy. I'm showing Christmas presents here, but these wrappings can be adjusted for any occasion.

1. Recycling Bin Wrapping

As the name would imply, I found all the supplies for this package in my recycling bin. I packed my present into a box from something I ordered online awhile ago (with tissue paper from a present I received). Then I wrapped it, using a page of newspaper comics for paper. I added ribbon and tiny note, and now it's a fun and retro gift that's perfect for my best friend!

2. Fabric Bag
For this package, I took a piece of fabric, folded it in half, and sewed up the sides. I trimmed the seams with pinking shears to prevent fraying and add interest. I put my gift inside, then tied up the top with a piece of vintage bias tape (ribbon would work just as well). For the tag, I grabbed a contrasting scrap of paper, pinked the edges, and threaded it through the bow. Done!

3. Reused Shopping Bag
I had a nice grey bag from a shopping trip to Ann Taylor; the only problem with these kind of bags is that they usually have the store name written on the front. I cut out a rectangle of paper with pinking shears, and glued 3 vintage buttons to the front. As soon as it had dried, I glued it over the store name. A completely free (and cute) gift bag!

4. Scrapbooking Paper Envelope
12" x 12" scrapbooking paper is often on sale at stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's for $.10 a sheet, and it comes in much more varied and modern prints than wrapping paper. It's perfect for wrapping small, flat items. I used it here to wrap a pencil case, folding it like normal wrapping paper at the corners. Instead of a bow, I used a flower cut from a piece of vintage trim.
Email me pictures of what you wrap at
If I get enough pictures, I'll do a post about reader's wrappings!


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