Tuesday, December 9, 2008

May All Your Christmases be White

Paper snowflakes are a recent holiday tradition around here. Ever since I watched Christmas with Dr. Snowflake (it sounds like a dumb children's book, but it's actually a video made by this bearded snowflake whiz), I've been trying my hand at these paper creations every Dec.

Here are this year's attempts. I only made a few so that we can actually see out our back door. This is the method I use, except for I draw my own designs in pencil on the snowflake before cutting. Once cut, I iron them and tape them up!

For those of you of the digitial inclination (or with no paper and scissors handy) check out Make-a-Flake. Be sure to look at the gallery; there's some virtual snowflakes made by true paper geniuses. Or people who were really bored at the office one day.

Here's a couple of mine, jazzed up with my Paint program:


shimu's holiday said...

soo cuteeeeeeee
i love your smile in that picture.
it's never snow in thailand, so i'll definitely need your flakes

J for Jendetta said...


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