Friday, January 2, 2009

breaking the bank

I went on a mini shopping spree over Christmas Break. Most of the packages have finally arrived, so here's what I bought!

Introducing (drumroll please)......Simone! She's my first Blythe doll, a Prima Dolly Encore Ashlette bought from this Ebay seller. My friends are freaking out (one suggested she should play Chucky's girlfriend) but I like her even more than I thought I would. Above is a picture I snapped the first day I got her. She's wearing a dress I sewed while waiting for her to arrive.

Vintage patterns from I've already made a blouse with the pattern to the right, but I haven't gotten around to sewing the buttons and buttonholes yet (I always procrastinate that step). Here's a sneak-preview, and with a bit of self-discipline, it should show up in an outfit post pretty soon:

Tribeca sandals, for an upcoming tropical trip. These are the first shoes I've bought online, and they fit perfectly! Plus, the sale price is killer.

I also bought some boring sewing supplies and few other things. Now I'll have to do penance by cutting out online shopping this month.....we'll see :)


Myra said...

Cool buys, incl. the sandals.

Daphne said...

I want your shoes.

Hey. Your blog rocks. :)

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