Monday, January 5, 2009


-thrifted vest
-Gap turtleneck
-thrifted skirt
-? tights
-Dollhouse shoes

Okay, here's the first of the outfits incorporating garments from the 1980s that I mentioned in this post. The skirt is classic 80s stonewash denim, and fairly high-waisted to boot. I paired it with a sweater vest (I know, I know--the epitome of modernity) and dark tights and shoes.

What do think?

I just noticed that the tag on my new shoes matches my turtleneck. Pretty sweet.

My brother kept trying to jump into the photo juuuusssttt as the self-timer would go off. Blogging + brothers= trouble.


Emily said...

The last picture makes me laugh...and I needed a good laugh today. I have a brother, too, so I know how that goes!


dude that's a rad outfit and your super cool! Thanks for being ewe BlessingS <3 :D

Daphne said...

I think I had that skirt in high school. I LOVED it.

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